The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed everyone’s life. In addition to supporting the communities and those fighting at the front lines, Eaton Cooper power capacitor team takes one more mission to support the cause at “back” lines as well—the successful timely delivery of filter capacitor for the ±800 kV Qinghai-Henan HVDC project, one of the national critical projects.

Accomplishing our mission amid challenges

It is Eaton’s top priority to ensure the safety and health of all employees, customers, suppliers and communities where our operations are located. We managed to resume capacity rapidly with the comprehensive protection such as strict control on entry, daily report, periodical disinfection and check, etc. to ensure the workplace safety.

At the same time, we rapidly responded to State Grid’s call for the resumption of critical construction projects including the Qinghai-Henan HVDC project. The Qinghai-Henan HVDC project is the first all clean energy HVDC transmission project in the world, which once delivered, will boost the new energy transmission of tens of millions of kW from Qinghai province, reduce CO2 emission by 29.6 million tons each year and significantly alleviate the energy shortage in central China. This project becomes more important during the COVID-19 crisis in the aspects of guaranteed energy safety, attracting investment in power industry, stimulating transformation and upgrade of equipment manufacturing and increasing employment opportunities.

Being proactive and accountable to speed up

Considering the economic significance of this project, our capacitor team set forth immediately at “Eaton Speed”, working at full strength to catch up with the schedule. When we are speeding up at production, testing, assembly, commissioning, etc., we also pursue ZERO defects in quality.

At the same time, our warehouse staff have been working 7 days a week to make sure the smooth, efficient operation. All teams collaborate and keep agile when facing problems rendered by the COVID-19 crisis and succeeded in piling up our equipment for delivery.

Installing the towers of energy and confidence

Thanks to the collaboration among teams and organizations, our field service staff fully supported the quick product installation under strict protection disciplines. Capacitor towers of more than 17 m rose up at the HVDC field in a couple of days.

Up to the sky, the towers keep reminding us that our resolution and collaboration will make us stronger and guide us through any hardness. We will continue to work together to take good care of ourselves, our projects and customers and the global community.

Material disinfection and verification

QA team taking record of capacitor tests

Capacitor products ready for delivery

BP11/13 delivery at Hainan Site, Qinghai province