Energise your industrial lighting, maximise the value of your investment.

Industrial luminaries offering reliable, energy efficient solutions without compromising performance or trusted supplier. We understand that optimising a building can positively affect operating costs, productivity, and the well-being of those who use the space. Eaton can help you design and build for a lower carbon footprint and plan for future needs and regulations. This protects the future value of your investment and ensures that your business runs more productively.

We promise that:

  • Every product we sell is tested and has passed the relevant standards using our in house, calibrated laboratory equipment.
  • All performance data quoted is as measured from a production product using calibrated photometric equipment in real life conditions.
  • All products are backed by a comprehensive warranty with the minimum amount of limitations and restrictions in the small print.
  • In the event something goes wrong, our technical and service support staff will be there to sort out the problem.