Redefine the value of your next project

Fires ignited by electrical installations in residential properties have many causes. So if you can prevent them with an all-in-one Eaton solution, why wouldn’t you?

Existing mandatory, but not recommended, safety standards, do not provide protection against arc faults. Electrical failures which trigger arc faults are estimated to cause at least 25% of fires, yet the additional cost of protecting against them is less than €0.01 per day per circuit.


Protect and save


The Eaton AFDD+ not only detects arc faults, but also incorporates leakage current, short-circuit and overload protection, to provide all-in-one protection for new-build or retrofit applications.

With all these functions combined in one device, you can specify high-level protection, provide more protection and more peace of mind, showing you really value what matters.

And, as compulsory installation of AFDDs is becoming the norm across Europe, by specifying an AFDD+ you are also enhancing your business reputation.

AFDD+ Busbar

Busbar systems are commonly used worldwide and are rapidly gaining broader acceptance. In specific the AFDD+ busbar offers installers the highest

  • Flexibility and eases installation
  • Safety
  • Cost reduction within
    • overall design (less material, intuitive installation, less connection failures)
    • Integration (easier installation, less time consuming)
    • better overview (no cable clutter!)