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Running an electric motor represents more than 95% of its lifetime costs – and consumes around two thirds of an organisation’s electrical power. So a more energy-efficient option offers the potential for very significant savings in operational costs.

Seen in this light, the new EU ErP directive 2009/125/EC creates a real opportunity. Whether you’re a machine buyer or builder, distributor or reseller, Eaton offers the simplest, most ready-to-use and cost-effective way to comply with the ErP directive whilst reducing your energy costs – dramatically.

That’s because Eaton is all about productive change – moving businesses beyond mere compliance to delivering increased uptime with lower costs.

And since our new technology can pay for itself in around three years on average, Eaton customers can use these savings to fuel their growth.

Plan and operate fluid power units energy efficiently.

Read our latest white paper and learn how to control fluid power in applications like hydraulic or pumps efficiently.

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...our energy efficiency white papers and infographics

We’ve written white papers about the ErP Guidelines and IE3 motor protection. We’ve also summarised the key content in the form of simple infographics.

...to Eaton’s energy efficiency experts

Here’s what some of the experts at Eaton have to say about embracing energy efficiency today - to seize a world of opportunity tomorrow.

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Here are some examples of customer success stories for energy efficient solutions.

...how our products can increase your energy efficiency

How can you start, switch, protect or drive your motor in the simplest and most reliable way?
Here are some options:


...your system efficiency

Reduce your wiring costs with SmartWire-DT:

SmartWire-DT is a wiring and communication system which links motor starters, soft starters, variable speed starters, drives, and other devices inside and outside the cabinet.

SmartWire-DT reduces wiring costs by up to 85% and delivers analogue and digital data to help you improve machine performance and energy consumption.

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Product 4

Use BreakerVisu to optimize energy consumption:

All energy management systems measure electrical parameters but with SmartWire-DT allied to BreakerVisu you can visualise and log all operational data – from NZM circuit breakers to PKE motor protective circuit breakers – in a cost-effective and efficient way.

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Why Eaton? A few reasons stand out.



Eaton’s range of motor starters offers world-class reliability for constant and variable outputs alike, maintaining long life across IE2 and IE3 motors (with trip-free design making the Variable Speed Starter DE1 particularly reliable).



The new PowerXL DE1 variable speed starter is the simplest way to drive IE2 and IE3 motors, in variable speed applications.


Peace of mind:

Eaton delivers quality and reliability with minimal effort – making it easy to introduce variable speed applications.


Reduced wiring costs:

SmartWire-DT not only reduces wiring and engineering costs by up to 85%, it also improves data transparency, maintenance, performance and machine availability.


Optimized energy management:

With BreakerVisu you can visualise your engine’s reduced energy consumption and detect ways to further optimize energy management across your system.


Future proofing:

Eaton’s future-proof technology guarantees no compatibility, compliance or expandability problems – today or tomorrow.


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