Transform your Data Center : Inception of Data Centers and Energy Storage in Smart Grids

Data Center Webinar, 11th Mar – 11.00AM to 12.00PM SGT
In the next 15 years, half of the world’s electricity will come from renewable resources1. That means more and more distributed energy resources will be online and more homes, businesses and communities will be able to produce and sell energy as well as consume it. This energy transition is changing how power needs to be managed and optimized for homes, at a facility level and for utilities.

Eaton is leading this transformation. We’ve taken the “Everything as a Grid” approach to the energy transition and are unlocking a low-carbon energy future. We’ve been helping residential, commercial and industrial customers add more renewables and storage to their energy mix, transmit energy back onto the grid, maintain power during outages and contribute to grid stability.

For data centers, this shift towards distributed energy resources brings another unique opportunity – to maximize and even monetize previously under-used assets. Eaton’s award-winning EnergyAware is based on reserve power technology that adds a layer of software algorithms and controls to Eaton UPS and turn your UPS into a revenue-generating asset. Apart from providing reliable power to your Data Centre, you can lower your energy bills and even earn* from your UPS investment.

Join our Data Center webinar to learn how Eaton’s EnergyAware technology can be utilized to lower demand and peak time charges, as well as contribute to clean energy goals.

11 Mar 2021, 11:00AM to 12:00PM SGT

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