Windows Server 2003 End of Service: Get your ducks in a row

Sadly, things have changed since 2003 (technology and otherwise).

Looking back, there are only two major similarities we can find between 2003 and 2015:

  1. According to the Chinese Zodiac, both years are the Year of the Goat.
  2. During both years, you were possibly operating on Windows Server 2003.

Windows Server 2003 EOS has support, security and cloud functionality implications which means a timely reevaluation of IT infrastructures is a must. This includes your power management and virtualization strategies.

Support may be ending on your servers, but don’t worry, Eaton is here to help get your power ducks in a row.

Why Eaton?

Improved integration. Eaton's software is the only power management software that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft SCVMM™, VMware’s vCenter Server™ and Citrix XenServer™, improving automation.

Expandability and redundancy. Eaton UPSs and intelligent rack PDUs provide the growth options required for today’s ever changing IT landscape, while maintaining simplified management capability.

Remote management. Remotely manage and monitor your power infrastructure and receive up-to-date alerts on temperature, humidity and smoke detection.

Increased battery runtime. Eaton offers load shedding shutdown capability of VMs and hosts during a power disturbance for reduced energy consumption and increased runtime.

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