Multi-pump controls for ultra efficient drive solutions

Flexible drive technology for pumps and motors that is also easy to integrate

Cost effectiveness in drive technology is not merely a question of energy efficiency. For machine builders and system integrators, efficiency is a primary concern already during the planning and commissioning phase: Are features such as multi-pump controls standard, as is the case with Eaton's DG1, or do they have to be planned, installed and configured separately? Ease of use is one of the defining features of the PowerXL™ series: The "out-of-the-box" commissioning of a DE1 unit is almost as easy as that of a motor starter. The IEC-compatible DB1 is the newest addition to the series. This "plate unit" is easy to integrate even in systems where space is tight.

Integrated technologies for more efficient, safer and more intelligent machines and systems.
Circuit protection in the digital era

Thanks to its enhanced functionality, the new generation of Eaton's digital NZM circuit breaker with up to 1,600 A will increase the reliability of your machines and systems. It offers improved features for the protection of personnel and will help you optimize your energy consumption. The extended communications capability makes it the perfect fit for the changing production environments of Industry 4.0.

Doing the Internet of Things (IoT) the easy way

Data transparency is of ever greater importance for end users. Eaton's intelligent components offer a wide range of possibilities for the collection and transmission of machine data. Together with our partner T-Systems we make IoT happen, with cloud services that are both secure and hassle-free. For example through our Predictive Maintenance Portal.

Plug-in solutions for electro-hydraulic systems.

As a one-stop-shop for electrical and hydraulic technology, Eaton is able to offer uniquely synergistic solutions. One such example are our simple plug-in solutions for connecting hydraulic valves to SmartWire-DT. At the same time, we also help you generate the data needed for Industry 4.0 solutions. This year, we are showcasing our electro-hydraulic solutions at a single stand for the first time.

Compact, communications-enabled and powerful

In small and medium-sized machinery, the integration of automation has to be compact and flexible. Thanks to its local and remote I/O levels, the XC300 combines these advantages with an extremely high degree of connectivity. With the XV300 visualization system, the XN300 I/O system and the updated GALILEO software, Eaton offers a new and improved automation platform for Industry 4.0.

Exports to North America

Given the high degree of complexity and the constant changes, exports to North America pose a great challenge for many machine builders. For example, the new NEC 2017 rules on short-circuit current rating (SCCR) affect not only the SCCR requirements themselves, but also the labeling and documentation of devices.

Training machines to become Industry 4.0-ready: a holistic approach

Our electro-hydraulic precision machine demonstrates how easy it is to achieve greater degrees of energy efficiency, performance capacity and IoT integration - with integrated solutions that will create added value for your customers. The data generated by our intelligent system components is transferred directly into the cloud. Based on the subsequent data analysis, you will then be able to improve production capacity, product quality and uptime while reducing maintenance needs.