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Eaton have a vision to improve the quality of life and the environment through our power management services and solutions. Partnering with Nissan and AES, amongst others, we provide a full range of scalable energy storage solutions - from those suited to your home, all the way up to those suitable for grid scale applications

Why is energy storage critical today?

Reducing the impact of C02 on our planet is dependent on all of us using a much higher proportion of renewable energy. Energy storage enables you to store energy whenever it is available and release it when needed. By gaining greater reliability and independence, you avoid potential dips in the grid supply. Energy storage is available for your home, your commercial or industrial buildings, or at an even larger level if you are a power producer or utility provider. This transformational technology is revolutionizing energy for all of us.

We are a unique partnership of technology leaders with expertise in areas critical to energy storage: power management, batteries and energy distribution

Making energy storage simple for you

Minimize Risk
  • Three global brands with stronf finance
  • A strong heritage of success
  • Technology leadership

Customized solutions - from small to large
  • Customized solutions - from small to large
  • A wide portfolio - from residential to grid scale energy storage systems

Global support
  • Over 24,000 employees in more than 40 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa
  • A network of over 1,000 distributors working with qualified installers.
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Learn more about Nissan Energy Solutions.

Want more information? Tell us how we can help you and one of our experts will call you back.

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Webaxys - Cloud and IT services hosting company - Normandy, France

"Webaxys has pursued its strategy based on the strong values of social commitment and respect for the environment ever since it was established in 2003.
In our new data centre we wanted to use electricity generated entirely using renewable sources. We wanted to couple this with the energy efficient technologies already used in our first data centre.
The Eaton Nissan xStorage Buildings system enables us to manage the power grid, renewable energy supplies and battery storage. We store energy so that it can be used on demand. In data centers power outages are unacceptable - this system overcomes the risks traditionally associated with the intermittent nature of renewable energy."

Emmanuel Assié, Webaxys CEO.

In June 2016 Webaxys opened its new eco-responsible data centre using Eaton Nissan xStorage Buildings solution.

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