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Energy storage for buildings: designed and built for sustainability and resilience

The world of commercial and industrial buildings is increasingly challenged by:

  • Rising electricity costs
  • More distributed energy resources
  • Greater adoption of demand response programs
  • Increasing complexity of building energy management systems
  • The need for resiliency and power quality

Eaton Nissan xStorage Buildings selects the right power sources according to the load, the grid constraints and the availability of renewable energy.

This system allows end users to store energy so that it can be used on demand to power the business or to participate in demand response programs - selling energy back to the grid.

Save money on electricity and operational expenses
• Manage load shifting/ demand
• Enable self-consumption of solar power
• Support peak tariff shaving
• Maximize feed-in tariff opportunities to sell power back to the grid
• Ensure regulatory compliance

Optimize use of renewable energy
Maximize consumption of onsite generation, primarily solar energy.

Maintain power when the grid is down
• Ensure backup power supply in case of natural disasters
• Protect equipment from damage during blackouts
• Reduce time of restart

Safe technology
• Industrialized, tested and configured to deliver high levels of safety, reliability and performance
• Eaton has more than 100 years of power management experience and is a leader in Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) technology. We bring a depth of experience to the energy storage sector that is unmatched.
• Nissan is the leader in electric vehicles and as such is a proven, high volume, maker of reliable Li-Ion batteries that meet the strict safety standards of the automotive market.

Customer service
The system is supported by a network of over 1,000 distributors, working with qualified installers.

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Learn more about Nissan Energy Solutions.

xStorage Buildings is not simply batteries and bi-directional inverters that send power to and from the batteries. In fact, it has multiple capabilities in a single system, bringing together the following:

  • Uninterrupted, high quality power
  • Integration of renewable energy into the supply chain
  • Storing energy
  • Supplying power off-grid
  • Participating in demand response programs
  • Selling energy back to the grid

How it works

xStorage Buildings is a single unit that combines several aspects of energy storage and power delivery in one system. This functionality includes multiple energy inputs - such as solar and the grid - battery storage using second-life or new Nissan Leaf batteries, and UPS capabilities for clean, balanced power delivery.

This system allows you to store energy so that it can be used on-demand to power your business or to participate in demand response programs - selling energy back to the grid.


Storage capacity • From 21 kWh (5 battery packs in series) to several MWh
• Up to 10 battery packs per 42U rack
• Battery pack capacity:
• 4,2 kWh - Second life batteries
• 6 kWh - New batteries
Output 230/400V, 3~ + N
Power From 20kW to several MW
Battery Pack Installation • Fits in 19 inch standard racks (EIA-310-E)
• Up to 10 battery packs per 42U rack
Operating temperature • 0°C – 40°C
• Humidity 5-95% non-condensing
Warranty • 5 years - 1 full cycle (charge and discharge) per day for 4.2 kWh second life batteries
• 10 years - 1 full cycle (charge and discharge) per day for 6 kWh new batteries
Sysytem Efficiency 97%

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June 21
Près du Havre, Webaxys inaugure un datacenter alimenté au solaire et par des vieilles batteries de Nissan

Webaxys inaugure le « datacenter le plus green

Press releases

Nissan, Eaton and The Mobility House sign 10 year deal to make the world-famous Amsterdam ArenA more energy efficient with battery storage.

• Nissan, Eaton and The Mobility House have developed an energy storage system that makes the energy management of the Amsterdam ArenA more efficient, sustainable and reliable
• The system uses Eaton’s bidirectional inverters and the equivalent of 280 Nissan LEAF batteries stored in racks
• It will be used for back-up power during major events replacing diesel generators in the future, assisting utilities during periods of high demand and grid stabilization services.
• The new system is a robust and a powerful solution for high energy consumption organisations to power their business in a smarter way.

Barcelona (Nov. 30th, 2016) – Nissan, power management leader Eaton and The Mobility House today signed a ground-breaking 10-year deal with Amsterdam ArenA – home of Ajax Football Club and world-famous entertainment venue - to provide back-up power from second life Nissan LEAF batteries

The xStorage Buildings system efficiently stores and distributes energy when it’s needed, ensuring that the lights never go out at the renowned 55,000-seater stadium, which has played host to numerous high profile concerts and sporting events over the years.

By repurposing batteries from previously used electric vehicles, the xStorage Buildings system can draw energy from the grid, providing businesses with more control, better value and a more sustainable choice for their energy consumption.

Using 280 Nissan LEAF batteries, the system designed for the Amsterdam ArenA will be the largest energy storage system powered by second-life batteries used by a commercial business in Europe and will have four Megawatts of power and four Megawatts of storage capacity.

As well as providing vital back-up power services to the ArenA, xStorage Buildings also enables the Amsterdam ArenA to power the surrounding neighbourhood when necessary and protect the grid. The Mobility House, a technology company, will operate the xStorage Buildings system integrated at the Amsterdam ArenA. It will perform various energy services strengthening local grid stability while generating additional value for the Amsterdam ArenA.

In parallel, Nissan and Eaton have today announced that their residential energy storage unit, xStorage Home will be available to pre-order in UK, Norway and Germany today with other European markets to follow in the coming months.

Paul Willcox, Chairman of Nissan in Europe, said: “Nissan is known for innovation and quality, particularly in our electric vehicles, and we’re proud to be using that expertise to transform the energy management systems of commercial premises.

“This announcement is a world first and has the potential to revolutionise the energy industry. Since we announced xStorage back in May we’ve seen overwhelming interest from consumers and businesses alike and we’re excited to be able to announce the Amsterdam ArenA as our first commercial partner.

“Not only will xStorage Buildings provide vital back-up power to the ArenA but it will also help to stabilise the national grid in the Netherlands at times of high-energy demand. This is the first of many exciting commercial announcements to come from Nissan in this rapidly developing market.”

Henk Markerink, CEO of the Amsterdam ArenA, said: “We're talking about a huge advantage in sustainability. Soon we will be able to store generated energy from our solar panels and windmills and put it to use when we need it. A great innovation – in the future, the Amsterdam ArenA will be the first stadium in the world that won’t be using fossil fuels anymore.”
Frank Campbell, President, Eaton EMEA, Electrical and Corporate, said: “We’re excited to see how Amsterdam ArenA, Eaton, Nissan and The Mobility House are leading the way, implementing energy storage systems in highly demanding environments and ultimately making stadiums and their neighbourhoods more energy-efficient”.
Mr Campbell added: “The xStorage Buildings system that will be installed at the Amsterdam ArenA is one example of our wide portfolio of energy storage systems that enable all actors in the energy chain, from the end users to businesses and grid operators to benefit from energy storage in a way that is safe, reliable and sustainable. Another example is xStorage Home, our residential energy storage unit available for pre-orders today which helps consumers control how and when to use energy in their homes and will empower them to contribute to local and national grid stability. This is another demonstration of our wide energy storage offering.”
Thomas Raffeiner, CEO and Founder, The Mobility House said: “With our technology, we monetize the batteries and make the Amsterdam ArenA more efficient, sustainable and reliable.”


About Eaton

Eaton’s electrical business is a global leader with expertise in power distribution and circuit protection; backup power protection; control and automation; lighting and security; structural solutions and wiring devices; solutions for harsh and hazardous environments; and engineering services. Eaton is positioned through its global solutions to answer today’s most critical electrical power management challenges.

Eaton is a power management company with 2015 sales of $20.9 billion. Eaton provides energy-efficient solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more efficiently, safely and sustainably. Eaton has approximately 96,000 employees and sells products to customers in more than 175 countries. For more information, visit www.uk.eaton.com.

About Nissan in Europe

Nissan has one of the most comprehensive European presences of any overseas manufacturer, employing more than 17,000 staff across locally-based design, research & development, manufacturing, logistics and sales & marketing operations. Last year Nissan plants in the UK, Spain and Russia produced more than 635,000 vehicles including award-winning crossovers, commercial vehicles and the Nissan LEAF, the world’s most popular electric vehicle. Pursuing a goal of zero emissions and zero fatalities on the road, Nissan recently announced its Intelligent Mobility vision. Designed to guide Nissan’s product and technology pipeline, this 360 degree approach to the future of mobility will anchor critical company decisions around how cars are powered, how cars are driven, and how cars integrate into society. Nissan is positioned to become the most desirable Asian brand in Europe. www.newsroom.nissan-europe.com

About Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Nissan is a global full-line vehicle manufacturer that sells more than 60 models under the Nissan, Infiniti and Datsun brands. In fiscal year 2014, the company sold more than 5.3 million vehicles globally, generating revenue of 11.3 trillion yen. Nissan engineers, manufactures and markets the world's best-selling all-electric vehicle in history, the Nissan LEAF. Nissan’s global headquarters in Yokohama, Japan manages operations in six regions: ASEAN & Oceana; Africa, Middle East & India; China; Europe; Latin America and North America. Nissan has a global workforce of 247,500, and has been partnered with French manufacturer Renault under the Renault-Nissan Alliance since March 1999.

About Amsterdam ArenA

The Amsterdam ArenA plays in the top league of international, multi-purpose stadiums. It is the home of AFC Ajax, the Dutch national team, and the platform for top concerts, dance events and corporate meetings. Annually, the Amsterdam ArenA welcomes more than two million visitors.
Innovation, sustainability and quality are the key drivers behind the success of the Amsterdam ArenA from the very beginning. Since its opening it is the role model for venues in the world. Together with its partners, the Amsterdam ArenA provides services and facilities at the very highest level, and it is always working on achieving optimum fan experience in and around the stadium in a sustainable environment.
Amsterdam ArenA has an international branche (Amsterdam ArenA International) and an innovation platform: the Amsterdam Innovation Arena. In the Amsterdam Innovation Arena companies, governments and research institutions like universities, are working together on the stadium of the future. The stadium and the surrounding area are serving as a Living Lab, a hotspot where innovations are tested in practice. The main programs of innovation are about customer journey, fan experience, safety & security, smart building technology and smart sustainability solutions.
Partners of the Amsterdam Innovation Arena: Amsterdam ArenA Innovation Center, Amsterdam Smart City, TNO, KPN, KPMG, Huawei, Microsoft, City of Amsterdam, Philips Lighting, Nissan and Eaton .

About The Mobility House

The Mobility House promotes the energy transition and facilitates an emissions-free future. With our innovative charging and energy storage solutions, we help electric mobility achieve a breakthrough. Our technologies allow us to integrate electric vehicles into the power grid as an aggregated swarm storage of batteries as well as a stationary storage device from vehicle batteries. The Mobility House was founded in 2009 and supports all leading car manufacturers in over 10 countries worldwide from its locations in Munich, Zurich and San Francisco.

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